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We are proud to offer container services to fit your business or clean up project.  We have a variety of containers and trucks to service your specific need.  We can handle anything from your one time clean up project to an ongoing need for container services. 


We offer:

Lugger boxes

Roll off containers

Flat bed trailers

Dump trailers

High sided trailers


We can handle your scrap safely and in an environmentally friendly way that will help your business move toward zero waste! 

Since installing the shredder in 2013; RMR has shipped over 700,000 TONS of scrap to be recycled just from the shredder yard


Tons shipped out of our facility annually are:

2022  121,697

2021  124,094

2020  103,155

2019  108,722

Copper Products

Finished vs Unprocessed

Finished Copper.jpg
Unprocessed Copper.jpg

Other Finished Materials

Finished 2.jpg
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